the treatments

Enjoy one of our soothing massages in a relaxing atmosphere with our organic oils and scents that are inspired by the alpine world. Choose your preferred massage according to your personal needs and arrange it with our physiotherapist.


Almwellness back massage:

This classic back massage helps you to relax your muscles and fosters blood circulation.

30 Min. 60,- € / 50 Min. 85,- €


Food reflexology massage:

The foot reflexology massage is a deeply relaxing and very pleasant treatment to harmonize blocked body energies. Carefully massaging specific points of the foot, blood circulation is fostered, self-healing powers are activated and the nervous system is impacted positively.


Wadlbeißer massage:

Enjoy this leg massage after a long day skiing or trekking. Massage techniques that foster your blood circulation and relax your muscels help your body regenerate from an adventurous day outdoor.

45 Min. 75,- €


Aroma massage:

Our aroma massages is back massage with natural organic base oils, that are suited individually for you. The beautiful scent triggers the production of endorphins and reduces the release of adrenaline thus enhancing your well-being.

30 Min. 65,- € / 50 Min. 90,- €

Hot stone massage:

During this full body treatment hot stones and warm oils are used to release tension and disharmonie from your body in order to balance your body energy.

70 Min. 99,- €